Friday, April 29, 2011

Saving for Seattle - April 29

Another week down in my countdown for our trip to Seattle! Only a few more weeks to go! This week I had the daunting task of booking a hotel.

Oy. Hotels are expensive. Especially hotels near tourist destinations. And the fact that it will be early summer doesn't help.

But, with the help of our Seattle Visitor's Guide, AAA, and Yelp, I think I found a good deal on a nice place.

I found some pretty decent deals on, but most of them require advance purchase, which freaks me out a bit. I ended up using our AAA membership to get us a discount at a 3-star hotel. The total cost should be $650 for 4 nights, which includes tax. The hotel offers free breakfast, which will help curb dining out costs and provides a free 24-hour shuttle anywhere within a 1 mile radius of the hotel. That will be helpful because aren't planning on renting a car. There are restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance. We're big on stocking up on cheap snacks and drinks to avoid having to pay $4 for a bottle of water when venturing through touristy areas.

I'm happy to have finally found a place that will suit us well. I spent way too much time researching and going back and forth and it feels good to have it off my plate! Next week I'll discuss how we plan to save money on food and attractions!

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