Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Coloring Eggs

This year I decided to introduce my daughter to one of my fondest Easter memories...coloring eggs. I have great memories of doing it at home with my siblings, and then heading over to my grandma's house to color more eggs with my cousins.

L had SO much fun.

Z wanted desperately to be involved in the fun, but I'm afraid the idea of eggs and dye in the hands of a 20-month-old terrifies me.

We were happy with the final product and it made for a fun Sunday project!

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  1. My three year old got egg dye all over his hands.

  2. to avoid getting dye all over their hands try placing the egg in a wire egg beater and letting them hold onto the handle to dip in the dye. Madie did it this way and she had no dye on her hands =)