Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Silly Boy

There are plenty of days when my 2-year-old leaves me wanting to pull my hair out...they aren't called the terrible twos for nothing!! But he is also able to make me laugh every day. He seems to have two goals these days: Climb anything that can be climbed and Build Towers out of anything that can be used to build.

Shoe tower. I almost died laughing when I came down the stairs to discover this last week. We usually keep our shoes away from him because he loves to play with them, but they got left out that day. I'm impressed he managed to get it to stay!
His other passion these days is eating french fries. He talks about them constantly. He pretends to eat the ones out of the play food set. Cracked me up that he also thinks to transport them around in his dump truck!

He's such a silly boy...

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