Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to September!

It's the first day of September, and pretty soon, fall will be here. Just as the seasons change weather-wise, we are in a season of change at our house.

As of next Thursday, I will be employed again! I'm going to working part-time (mostly weekends) at a retail store. I am very excited and a bit nervous too. I have never worked retail before. I've worked on a farm, at an accountant's office, at a hospital, and at a church....but never in a store. I think I am up for the challenge! The best thing about it (besides for the extra cash!) is that it will still allow me to stay at home with my kids during the week.

The extra cash will definitely benefit us too. We believe very strongly that our kids belong in Christian school, which unfortunately comes with a rather large price tag! We also need to start saving for a replacement car for my husband. Life certainly doesn't appear to be getting any cheaper!

I will most definitely continue blogging on a regular basis. I'm sure I will have some interesting stories to share about my new experience!

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