Friday, February 25, 2011

Vacation Week Busy-ness

It has been a wonderfully busy week. L was off school on Monday and Tuesday, and it was so wonderful to not have to set the alarm for those two days!! We had a playdate at McDonalds on Tuesday, which was fun for L, but EXTREMELY frustrating for her little brother, who wanted desperately to play with the big kids, but is too small to keep up!

L on Valentine's Day...her most favorite holiday.
Next week *should* be back to normal with more regular posting. I did make two trips to Target this week because they have an AMAZING sale: buy 7 frozen food items, get a $5 Target gift card. I managed to match up some cheap items with a lot of coupons and ended up with a freezer full of chicken and vegetables (and a few pizzas too)!

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