Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Goals

I am always amazed at how I can go weeks without posting anything and completely not realize that so much time has passed. December 2010 will go down in Barton family history as one of craziest months ever. Broken toe, broken furnace, broken van, ear infection, guests in town, trip out of was insane! Happy to be back to some normalcy now that it is January.

Because I've been so pathetic at posting regularly, I'm setting some new goals for myself as far as the blog is concerned.

#1 Post one new recipe a week. I'm making it a priority to try something new at home once a week, and hopefully the recipe will turn out well enough for me to share!

#2 Post one new picture of my kids each week. Because they are just so darn cute!

#3 Post about at least one of my shopping trips each week. I'll try not to bore you with a lot of boring details. I'll just let you know if I have an exceptionally great trip!

I'm gonna stick with that for now. I would like to add more as the year goes on, but we'll see how life goes. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

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