Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Target - Clearance Shoes

Made a quick trip to Target this morning; primarily to stock up on Kleenex. Dear daughter has a cold and has polished off 3 boxes in 3 days. To her credit, they weren't full boxes...but if you could see her nose, you would know that she's been a heavy user. As I was walking by the shoes, something caught my eye....Toddler size Converse dx Oxford shoes (pink) on clearance for $5.74! Regular price is $22.99, so this is a steal! 75% off! Amazingly, they had her size and they fit.

They had a few other pairs on sale, but none were as good of a deal as these. They had women's converse oxfords in plum for around $18. I was tempted...but have a hard time wearing flat shoes and don't have a whole lot of clothes that match with plum!

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