Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Food Coupons

Z is almost 6 months old and is starting to eat baby food like crazy, so I'm on the hunt for some good baby food coupons. Here are some of my findings:

Earth's Best

$1/10 jars of Earth's Best Organic Baby Food
$0.55/1 Earth's Best Organic Infant Cereal

There is also a coupon in the Target baby mailer for 10% off of 2nd foods. This came in the mail a few weeks ago.

Beech-Nut (sign up to receive coupons & special offers)

$1/2 Beech-Nut Easy Pour cereals
$2/20 jars of Beech-Nut baby food (any stage)


No coupons available on their website, but pretty much everytime I buy Gerber Stage 1 baby food at Meijer, I get a Catalina for $0.75/6 or $0.50/3. There is also a coupon for $2/$10 purchase of Gerber Baby food at Target in the Target baby coupon mailer.

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