Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meijer trip 10/16

I did my big bi-weekly grocery shop at Meijer last night. I was definetly not in the mood to go out; it was cold and dark and I was exhausted. I also wan't terribly impressed with their ad this week and knew that good deals were going to be harder to come by. But, we must eat, right? So off I went. Here are a few of the good deals I managed to snag:

V8 Splash
$1.99, used $1/2 from 9/13 SS insert and $1/2 Meijer mealbox coupon = $0.99 each when you buy 2

Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets
$3.42, used $3/1 10/4 RP = $0.42

Pillsbury Simply Cookies (get $1 off milk when you purchase 2)
On sale $1.99, used $1/1 and $1.25/1 coupons = $1.73 for both

Tropicana Trop 50, 56 oz
On sale $2.29, get $1/1 coupon by signing up here = $1.29

Thanks to Macomb Money Savers for some of these deal ideas!

I got some okay deals, but came home very frustrated. The Catalina machine on my self checkout lane was broken, which I didn't find out until after I had checked out. I was sent to customer service, and she had to rescan any of the items I was supposed to get Catalinas on. Since I was so tired and half brain dead, I only bought 4 cans of soup when I needed 5 to get a $5 coupon, and only bought 4 boxes of Stove Top when I needed 5 to get $4 off my next purchase of ground beef. SO mad at myself!! Oh well. Still got out of there spending $80 and saving $46, so not too bad.

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